Things we buy on Amazon - Part 1

This is part of a new series I'm starting on this blog (well, considering how little there is on here so far, everything is new).  I love Mindy Kaling (in general) but I especially loved her blog on "Things I bought that I loved" that she doesn't seem to update much anymore (I think she has a spot on her personal website now, or, you know, she's busy being freakin' awesome somewhere.)  

Inspired by her, I'd like to start my Things we buy on Amazon series. 

Owen and I have Amazon Prime, which completely makes us whores.   Amazon Prime, for those not in the know, is a yearly fee of $79 dollars, which gives us free two day shipping on any Amazon Prime item.  We have taken to looking on Amazon first for EVERYTHING, and I mean everything from paper towels, rechargeable batteries, gummy multivitamins, whatever we can get, it's now a click away.  I'd like to think this is true convenience at our fingertips but sometimes it causes us to buy way too quick before we do more research, so we have a number of things around the house that are way beyond returnable, but linger around the house.    

This series will highlight some of these items.  Some of them will be awesome, I use them everyday.  Some just plain didn't work out, and now either trashed or forgotten.  

First up on the docket:  


Quirky PowerCurl 85w Clip-On Cord Wrap for Apple MagSafe Power Adapter - for 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro Gray



Why I ordered it:  

Plugs for mac laptops are essential.  I carry one with me back and forth from the office, when I travel, etc.

Do I like it? 

Yes.  It's great, keeps the cables organized and the power block elevated, so it there's air flow all around it, as it gets pretty hot while in use. 

Do I use it? 

Yes, this was a winner.  Initially I thought it was a frivolous purchase (I can get cable ties, etc.) but this is so much nicer in design.  


Next up:

Como 10 Pcs D Swivel Trigger Clips Hooks Metal Key Ring Lobster Clasps


Why I ordered it:  

I like carrying my keys on my belt loop.  Yeah, it looks like I'm a handyman but I like the option of being hands free without a purse to hold my keys. 

Do I like it? 

No.  It sucks.  They're way smaller than I thought they would be, and it's a pain to try to snap this on my belt loop without effort.  And now I have 10 of them.   

Do I use it? 

Nope.  But should I throw it away?  Eh, that just feels wasteful.  Anyone need one?  


Norpro Silicone Microwave Double Egg Poacher, Red


Why I ordered it:  

I like poached eggs, but I hate cooking them in the morning when I'm rushing to get out the door. I figured this would be an easier way to get eggs cooked in a jiffy.

Do I like it? 

It's okay.  Kinda a pain to store.  

Do I use it? 

I've used it 2 times since I bought it, it's still kinda a hassle because microwave cooking is hit or miss - sometimes cooks the eggs too hard, sometimes doesn't cook them enough and one of the two eggs is still raw.  I think I need to play around with the timing on it more.  And get up earlier.